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We do not function on a standard education system.

We keep up with the times and teach by practice. We combine online and offline forms of teaching in Czech and English. During the lessons we involve students from the Czech Republic with students abroad. We are breaking down boundaries in education. We focus on professional training, develop entrepreneurial thinking and support students in preparation for their entrepreneurial future. We cooperate with experts from practice and arrange internships in business companies. We strive to make such education fun for students and offer them a wide range of opportunities to make use of their potential.

Our core values

Every student is important to us

All students are our partners, whom we help with their development. We respect the story of each of them and we are honored to support them

We build friendly and correct relationships together

We support ourselves in creating our life stories. We are honest and respectful of each other. We are not afraid to ask for advice and we will be happy to provide it to others.

Our students achieve results already during their studies

We not only educate our students, but also develop their abilities and lead them to future professional employment

Balance is the key to our success

We combine personal and professional growth with the development of healthy and quality relationships, including plenty of space for oneself.

We care about the future

We also hold respect in relation to nature, which is why we responsibly pay attention to sustainable development.

Look under the hood

Petr Pacher


We believe that everyone can be their own hero and that everyone has the ability to create their own life story by finding the meaning of their life and fulfilling it. Therefore, they also need a supportive, safe and inspiring environment. 

Essential college creates such an environment by adhering to key values. Our team consists of professionals who are both successful in practice and competent to pass on their skills and experience to others. These are people whose life stories are interwoven with this very mission. We help students make their life stories successful and fulfilling. 

Our purpose is to combine the necessary theoretical instruction with a sufficient amount of practice in a real business environment, so that everyone achieves the results they have set and perceive as meaningful.


Results of an aptitude test for studying do not determine the admission to the EC. We want to know your personality and potential for future successful business practice. The gateway to us is filling out an application, writing an essay on a given topic, and a comprehensive knowledge of your personality and competencies through a personal interview. 


Writing an essay

Personal interview

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We open in September 2022

Contact person for studies
Mgr. Kateřina Dechetová
+420 605 206 641

Cejl 40/107, Brno