Are you in tune with the meaning and values of Essential college?

Does it make sense for you to have your own college?

Do you support the development and growth of your employees in the company?

What can you get?

You will be part of Essential college promotion at conferences, trade fairs, events, publications, online and offline marketing and premises.

You will have the opportunity to participate in all events organized by Essential college, the purpose of which is networking and business development.

You will be in control of everything that arises (start-ups, business plans, new projects, and directions). You will have the opportunity to become part of these and thus develop this area of your business.

Essential College connects the needs of the company and their satisfaction through an implementation team composed of students who, under the guidance of a lecturer and a company mentor , cooperate on projects and activities.

You will have an overview of who is studying at Essential College and will actively be recommended students with a profile that meets your needs.

By cooperating with your company, we will assess how you are progressing and the way forward, and thanks to this we can provide you with assistance and suggestions on what strategies would help you and your employees and implement this into the course. Furthermore, you can contact Essential College yourself with your requirements and needs that will be taken into account when designing the content and form of teaching so that we can continuously meet your needs.

You will have unlimited access to the knowledge bank, which is constantly updated and supplemented in all areas of our study areas (records of lectures, exercises, research results, submitted assignment overviews, publications, scripts, written modules, and final theses, podcasts, etc.)

You can have your employees educated either in the study program as such, or in individual units of the study program. We can carry out a comprehensive assessment for you and, based on the results, recommend training and development that will meet the long-term needs of your company.

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