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Mgr. Jiří Šebek

Department of Business and Commerce

  • Business and commerce are the cornerstones of society and have been inextricably linked with the history of mankind. Whether it consists in selling ice-cream or developing highly-specialized IT software, the essential pillars of each line of business are very similar.
  • The curriculum therefore builds upon the experience and practical knowledge of small entrepreneurs, merchants and sole traders, as well as small and medium entrepreneurs and world leaders of the past, like A. Carnegie, H. Ford, T. Baťa, S. Jobs, and of the present, like J. Bezos, E. Musk and others.
  • Students are going to grasp the principles of doing business, they will be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of various legal forms of business (such as sole traders, private limited liability companies or joint-stock companies) with regard to their establishment, operation and profitability. They will be able to found their own company and learn to operate it profitably. They will acquire skills necessary for maintaining relations with clients with a view to establishing lasting business friendships, learning how to be emphatic, how to understand clients´ needs and reservations and how to choose suitable means of communication and approach to solving clients´ problems.
  • Graduates apply the acquired knowledge and skills in business at top positions (CEO, CFO, COO…) as well as at managerial and business administration positions.

Dr., Mgr. et Mgr. Petr Pacher, Ph.D., MBA

Department of Management and Leadership

  • Students gain complete understanding of leadership at all levels: starting with basic management level, over to middle management level up to the top management. Students are also going to grasp the principles of management of other structures, such as the multi-level structure.
  • Students will be able to adopt various management approaches depending on the organization in question (i.e. depending on whether it is a corporation, foundation or an organization providing services or manufacturing goods).

Ing. Josef Holán

Department of Information Systems and Technologies

  • Students acquire in-depth knowledge of the position of IS/IT within an organization. Furthermore, they will be able to choose software and hardware suited to their needs.
  • They will be able to tackle easier issues on their own and they will be able to solve more complicated problems in cooperation with particular departments of the organization. The acquired knowledge set will make it possible for them to achieve the desired results.

Zdeněk Ševčík

Department of PR and Marketing

  • Students get a full grasp of marketing and PR within an organization. They will be able to define target groups and reach them by appropriate means, resulting in the desired reaction on the part of clients.
  • Students gain full understanding of the tools used in marketing, also acquiring knowledge of the principles of online and offline marketing.
  • Prior to and over the course of a marketing event, they will be able to implement specific analyses and experiments and evaluate the impact of their outcomes.
  • They will be able to view the gained knowledge from their clients´ perspective, also being able to monitor and respond to changes in clients´ behaviour.
  • Students will acquire competences to implement, plan and evaluate both the internal PR (interpersonal relationships, corporate culture, in-house corporate events enhancing team spirit) and the external PR (customer clubs, exhibitions, fairs, sponsoring, charitable events etc.).

Mgr. et. Mgr. Michaela Píšková, MBA

Department of Psychology and Comprehensive HR Management

  • Knowing who we are and being able to know others is a key prerequisite to success across all our social roles. Therefore, at the Department of Psychology and Comprehensive HR Management, we help students understand who they are, what they want in life and what they need to achieve it.
  • We focus on practical training helping students understand themselves and other people, develop responsible attitudes to themselves as well as others, be in deeper touch with their emotions and needs to be able to make life decisions and follow the path they desire.
  • Applied psychology is used for practical aspects of working with people, such as picking a suitable person for the team, proper training of new team members and effective development of their competences. One by one, we look into key processes necessary for an organization to function properly as far as staff management is concerned.

Ing. Sylvie Riederová PhD.

Department of Economy and Finance

  • Studies at the Department introduce students to the importance of economy and finance in the life of individuals and in the life of society as a whole. They will gain insights in the role of finance in business and the economy of an organization, as well as in personal life, understanding the cash flows inside the company, banking, financial markets, financial products, insurance products, accounting, the taxation system and also gaining an understanding of how to make investments.
  • This knowledge can then be used in practice when choosing the best way to manage funds in a company and in their personal life depending on their financial position.

JUDr. Tomáš Hofrichter

Department of Law

  • Having a clear understanding of various branches of law is no longer essential just for legal professionals, but it is connected with other professions. The curriculum provides a broad basis of legal knowledge to build upon, so that graduates are prepared in all essential aspects for various jobs and have an understanding of many areas of humanities.
  • Over the course of their studies, students are going to cover all areas of law applicable in the Czech Republic. After acquiring essential knowledge of theory of law and specific legal systems, the curriculum focuses mainly on branches of law students may encounter in practice, whether as employees, employers, owners of business corporations, or as consumers. Great emphasis is placed on civil law, business law and labour law. All of these areas are complemented with the basics of criminal, administrative and constitutional law.
  • Even though graduates will not be able to exercise legal professions without further qualifications (solicitor, judge, notary, court enforcement officer), they will have versatile legal knowledge required to solve daily legal acts, to be able to critically evaluate the content of contractual provisions and to be able to seek cooperation from respective institutions in case serious legal matters arise. Students will be able to work with legal texts and court decisions, learning to formulate their own conclusions and standpoints and defend them. Over the course of studies, students have an opportunity to gain practical experience at court or in a legal firm.

Bc. František Dvořák

Quality Department

  • Quality refers to a set of all properties and features of a product or a set of activities (e.g. services) connected with meeting the requirements of customers.
  • Students will be able to assess whether a particular procedure is suitable for a specific activity. If problems arise, they will know how to identify process discrepancies and propose the right way to solve the problem.

doc. Ing. Karel Kouřil, Ph.D., MBA, FEng

Department of Manufacturing and Production

  • We are living in the days of information technologies and services. Even so, manufacturing of goods is one of the principal areas necessary to meet basic human needs.
  • Product and process innovations are the key to a successfully operating business. This is yet another reason why it is necessary to have a good understanding of production and manufacturing processes, even if the manufacturing or a part of it is outsourced.
  • The Manufacturing and Production Department pursues a holistic approach in understanding production processes, ranging from development over to specific manufacturing technologies, including unconventional technologies such as 3D printing, rapid prototyping and others. The Department further looks into planning processes, production management and monitoring including purchasing, logistics, maintenance and safety. Quality management systems and methods for production quality improvement are also an integral part of the areas studied at the Department.

PhDr. Petr Hruška, MBA

History, Politology and Organizational Behaviour Development

  • Students gain an understanding of how our society, its people and its power structures have developed.
  • They acquire knowledge on the impact history has had on present developments on a global scale.
  • They discover how political systems have evolved and how various forms of government work as a manifestation of management at the top level.
  • Students also understand how public administration works and how it differs from the commercial sphere.

Mgr. Jiří Šebek

Department of Language Education

  • In cooperation with the partner company Dialect, s.r.o., the Department of Languages provides a wide range of expert and professional skills courses in languages, including exam courses for the internationally recognised exam under CEFR, to students, teachers and companies.
  • The teachers at the Department of Languages are experts in their fields. They acquire their knowledge in international environment, educational projects, publishing and particularly from teaching languages to various types of students, starting from the ones who are at the beginning of their career, over to the ones who are top managers or managing directors.
  • The society we live in is becoming ever more diverse. The world has never been more connected, given the progressing globalization of the labour market and greater mobility of the workforce. Language skills, inter-cultural understanding, global awareness and international mindset are going to be essential for the future of society and business.
  • Students are going to develop their language competences mainly in English and German. The Department of Languages also provides tutoring as well as group and individual courses of other modern languages, such as Spanish, French, Russian and others. Courses of Czech for foreigners are available for foreign students.

Bc. Libor Mattuš

Department of Biohacking

  • Biohacking is a progressive field which has become known thanks to Dave Asprey, the investor and entrepreneur in technologies from Silicon Valley. The field is linked with the greatest figures in the field of physical and mental optimization, such as Ben Greenfield, the world-renowned expert in the functioning of the body, or Tim Ferriss, the author of world-famous bestsellers.
  • In the Czech Republic, biohacking is a brand new field, making its way forward to higher education in business for its practical value and utility. This field aims to optimize mental performance, physical condition and the possibilities of regeneration after busy workdays based on principles of modern medicine, traditional exercise and personal experience.

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