Our partners are companies that provide Essential College students with an opportunity to undertake practical experience

We perform analysis and quantification of natural gas and electricity savings for our clients from both the private and corporate spheres.

We provide corporate training.

We provide psychological diagnostics, education, and HR services in the field of human resources.


The main goal of our activities is to find optimal solutions in the field of work, personal and professional development, and evaluation of employees of companies and individually .

An academic institution of higher education. There, students try to increase career opportunities and improve their leadership skills. Study programs are built on the transfer and application of knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills. Apollos University programs are offered worldwide through an online distance learning methodology.

It is one of the largest university networks in the world. UAM operates in four continents, includes several dozen prestigious schools, and has a total of more than two and a half million students. UAM educates its students in dozens of fields and the key is to link their theoretical studies with practice. The UAM college originated from the United States and meets the standards of university study in the United States. It will always provide its students with proven educational methods and experienced lecturers.

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