Bachelor's degree


The study belongs to the Faculty of Practical Education. This is a full-time study. The length of the study is 4 years (according to the US federal law). During their studies, students get acquainted with everything they need to be able to do business (to be able to own or take over a company, take a leading position in a company, start a startup or start a company).

Education takes place online and offline in Czech and English. It includes theoretical teaching, preparation for practice and real participation of students in the business environment. Gradually, the amount of theory is declining in favor of growing practice: Students shift from group-mode to a more individual one and end up being only in practice and in discussion development groups with mentors. Throughout the study, students work on assignments and module work. The study ends with writing a final thesis in which students present and defend their own business project.

Graduates will obtain the title of BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration), which is an Anglo-Saxon bachelor's degree. Graduates can continue their studies in a follow-up master's degree, where they will focus on the level of management and leadership.


Results of an aptitude test for studying do not determine admission to Essential College. We want to know your personality and prerequisites for future successful business practice. The gateway to us is filling out an application, writing an essay on a given topic, and a comprehensive introduction of your personality and competencies through a personal interview. 


Writing an essay

Personal interview

Conditions for admission to the bachelor's program

1. Completed secondary education with graduation exam (GCSE, A-level, maturita)

2. Knowledge of English

3. Fulfillment of the conditions of the admission procedure

4. Payment of tuition

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